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Mullen's Musings™


"Mullen's Musings" is a new feature being added to Trécé's Web site. Each month short articles will be published about stored-product entomology with special emphasis on monitoring-related subjects. Research papers will be summarized in layman's terms; tips will be given to improve monitoring practices; and new products introductions will be presented in
each issue.

Dr. Mike Mullen's background is in stored-product entomology. He was employed as a research entomologist with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for 32 years. The first 24 years of his career were spent at the Stored-Products Research and Development Laboratory in Savannah, GA. While in Savannah, his research centered on physical control using low-frequency sound and low temperatures, ecological studies of stored-product pests, development of insect-resistant varieties of sweet potatoes, insect-resistant packaging and the development of insect traps and monitoring systems.

The Savannah lab closed in 1994 and Dr. Mullen was transferred to the USDA Grain Marketing and Production Research Center in Manhattan, KS. In Manhattan he continued his research on insect-resistant packaging and insect monitoring. Serving as a project leader, Dr. Mullen worked with other scientists to develop and improve pheromone-based traps and to develop monitoring systems for use in food facilities.

Until his retirement in 2002, Dr. Mullen was listed by the USDA Web page as the "expert" in insect-resistant packaging and insect in warehouses. He was a USDA liaison to the Armed Forces Pest Management Board, and worked closely with various food processing companies to help solve insect-related problems. Since retiring, he has been a consultant to the food industry and has worked as a research associate with Trécé.

Trécé is dedicated to meeting the needs of its customers. Accordingly, we encourage you to submit questions regarding stored product insects or pest management that may be of concern to you as an individual or to the industry. All of your questions will be promptly answered by Dr. Mullen and/or one of our staff of experts.


Volume 1: The results are in on pheromone-baited traps

Insect of the Month: Indianmeal Moth

Volume 2: Help! I put out pheromone traps and I caught hundreds of bugs! What do I do?

Insect of the Month: Red Flour Beetle, Confused flour Beetle


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